How to Turn off automatic video or sound playback in Google Chrome

Some websites immediately start playing media as soon as you visit the website. Think of a video that automatically starts playing or an audio file.

The automatic playback of a video or audio can be perceived as annoying by the user. For example, if you have headphones on or the volume is too loud, it can be irritating.

Unfortunately, no specific function in Google Chrome can stop the automatic playback of media. However, there is a way to mute sound that starts automatically. However, this needs to be set per website. You can read more about this in this article.

I also offer a way to block automatic playback in Google Chrome via a browser extension. An extension has the advantage that if you ever want to allow auto-play again, you don’t have to go through all of Chrome’s settings again. You can simply remove the extension.

Disable auto-play in Google Chrome browser

Adding website(s) that are not allowed to play sound

Suppose you visit a website regularly, and that website automatically plays sound on every single visit. In that case, you can deny that website permission to automatically play sound.

Open the Google Chrome browser. In the upper right corner click on the menu icon. In the menu, then click Settings. On the left side, click on “Privacy and Security” in the settings. Then click on “Site settings”, “Additional content settings” and then “Sound”.

To the right of the “Not allowed to play sound” setting, click the “add” button. Here you enter the website address of the website of which you want to disallow sound playback. Automatic sound playback will then be blocked on this website only.

Not allowed to play sound

To block the sound for all websites, you can also enable the option “Don’t allow sites to play sound”. Keep in mind that YouTube, Netflix etc. cannot play sound anymore.

Block automatic playback of audio or video with a browser extension

Several browser extensions claim to stop the automatic playback of media in the Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately, most of them do not work optimally. I have selected an extension that works best to block a website’s automatic playback of sound or videos.

Keep in mind that certain video ads’ playback is often not blocked. For example, it is not common for these video ads to play sound, but playing video with sound is largely blocked by this extension.

Install the “Yet another autoplay blocker” extension in Google Chrome. Once you have installed the extension, you do not need to do anything else. Autoplay will be blocked by default.

Yet another autoplay blocker installation

I recommend that you make the extension visible. First, click on the puzzle icon in the menu bar after installation. Then next to “Yet another autoplay blocker” click on the thumbtack icon to attach the extension so it is always visible.

Pin extension to menu in Google Chrome

Have you tried the extension, and it is not what you want? Then you can remove the extension from Google Chrome.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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