How to Turn off “Snap layouts” in Windows 11 using Settings?

In Windows 11 22557 or higher, you will see a grid appear if you drag a window upwards. This grid comes from the function “Snap layouts”.

By dragging the window, you have selected into a grid, you can, in this way, move a window simply and quickly. In addition, you can align windows to fixed positions on the screen in this way.

snap layouts grid in Windows 11

Whether this feature is useful or not is different for everyone. For example, some people find this multitasking feature an improvement in Windows 11. On the other hand, some want to disable snap layouts because it limits them from using Windows 11 as they wish.

How to Turn off “Snap layouts” in Windows 11 using Settings?

In case you are someone who does not find “Snap layouts” convenient, you can disable it through the Windows 11 settings.

Right-click on the Start button. Then click Settings in the menu. On the left, click on System and then on Multi-tasking.

Multitasking settings in Windows 11

To completely disable snap layouts in Windows 11, you can turn off the “Snap windows” feature by clicking the on/off switch.

You can also disable different snap layout options individually by clicking open and disabling each option.

There are several separate alignment options for windows that you can customize.

  • When I snap a window, suggest what I can snap next to it.
  • Show snap layouts when I hover over a window’s maximise button.
  • Show snap layouts when I drag a window to the top of my screen.
  • Show my snapped windows when I hover over taskbar apps, in Task view, and when I press ATL + TAB.
  • When I drag a window, let me snap it without dragging all the way to the screen edge.

Disable snap windows in Windows 11

I hope this has helped you adjust the snap windows in Windows 11 to your liking. Thanks for reading!

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