How to Turn on “Get me up to date” in Windows 11

If you receive Windows 11 updates, Windows 11 will first download these updates and then install the updates outside of user hours.

The user hours on a Windows 11 PC are from 9:00 AM till 8:00 PM in the afternoon. The user hours might differ. In the meantime, Windows 11 creates a reminder to reboot your PC to complete the updates.

Enabling the “Get me up to date” option in the advanced Windows update settings ensures that updates are installed immediately after downloading. If updates are available, a notification is displayed 15 minutes before the reboot to restart the computer to complete updates.

So by enabling “Get me up to date” the computer is immediately provided with new updates, even during user working hours.

How to Turn on “Get me up to date” in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Settings. In Settings, click on “Windows update” in the left menu.

Click “Advanced Options” to open the update settings in the Windows Update settings.

How to open advanced options in Windows 11 update settings

To complete the updates received immediately and even restart during user times, enable the “Get me up to date” option.

You will immediately receive a notification to restart your Windows 11 PC to complete updates. In addition, you will receive this notification 15 minutes in advance to check that the laptop is connected to the power supply.

Turn on Get me up to date in Windows 11

At the bottom of the “Additional Options”, you can check if any optional updates are available in Windows 11. These are optional updates for features, quality, and drivers.

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