How to use “Journeys” in the Google Chrome browser

If you use the website history in Google Chrome a lot, then (“journeys”), a new feature in Google Chrome, will have your interest.

Google Chrome journeys is a new feature that Google has introduced since October. Recently, journeys have also been added to the latest version of Google Chrome. So to use the journeys new feature, you need to update your Chrome browser to the newest version.

Journeys will be rolled out to Google Chrome in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Dutch.

What is Google Chrome journeys?

Google Chrome journeys is a new feature in Google Chrome that relates to users’ search history. Journeys aggregates previously performed searches by topic or intent.

For example, you search a lot on “vacation”. Then in journeys, you will see an overview of all previous searches and pages related to “vacation”. Journeys thus groups by subject or intention.

In this way, you can use journeys to continue on a particular topic that you searched for days, weeks, or months ago. So it is no longer necessary to go through your entire browsing History looking for a topic you searched for weeks ago.

These web pages from the Chrome history can then be opened all at once in a new tab group with a simple click. Of course, you can also open a separate item from the History.

How do I use Google Chrome journeys?

To use Google Chrome journeys, you need the latest version of Google Chrome. First, open the Google Chrome browser. Then, in the upper right corner menu, click Help and then About Google Chrome.

Update google chrome

Google Chrome is now automatically updated, and journeys is available. If it is not yet available, you can add it to Chrome via the Google Chrome hidden settings.

In the address bar type: chrome://flags/. Search for “journeys” and enable the “History journeys” and “History journeys omnibox action” options both. Set the values to “Enabled”.

After that, restart the Chrome browser.

Enable journeys in Google Chrome flags

After restarting Google Chrome, click on the menu in the upper right corner. In the menu, click on History and then again on History. You can also use the CTRL + H shortcut or type chrome://history/journeys in the address bar.

Then click on journeys.

Open Journeys in Google Chrome

You will now see an overview that looks like an overview of the web pages you have visited, the History. At the very top, you can search for History.

All the History you see here is grouped by topic or intent. This, of course, is your search history. You can search by a specific topic by typing in a search query as in topic or intent at the top of the search bar.

All the History you see after that is the History based on that topic, also called a “journey.”

This History often contains multiple websites related to the topic of your search. Google can also add suggestions of its own.

You can easily open all websites related to this topic in the new tab group.

To do this, click on the three vertical dots next to a “journey” and click on “Open all in new tab group”. All websites in this journey group will be opened in a new tab group at the same time. You can recognize these websites by the label “Saved in tab group”.

If multiple results for the “journeys” topic or intention were found, click on “load more” at the bottom to display all topics.

how to use journeys in google chrome

Thus, Journeys helps you search faster by topic or intention in the Google Chrome history. This way, you don’t have to search the entire History for a topic you searched for weeks or months ago.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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