How to Zoom and use the Magnifier in Windows 11

Do you have limited vision, or do you have a visual impairment? For example, constantly squinting your eyes to read text from your computer causes complaints.

Windows 11 offers a solution to these kinds of complaints. That is being able to enlarge text and Windows items via the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is an accessibility feature in Windows 11 that helps users enlarge text.

The magnifying glass does this by zooming in on parts you move the mouse to. So it does not directly magnify everything, but only the part you want to read. Should you want to magnify everything, I recommend magnifying text in Windows 11.

You can open the magnifying glass in Windows 11 via the settings, a key combination, or by pressing two keys with the mouse wheel.

How to Zoom and use the Magnifier in Windows 11

To open the magnifying glass, start by opening the settings. Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, then click Settings.

Click on “Accessibility” on the left, and then on “Magnifier” in the right menu.

Magnifier settings in Windows 11

To enable the magnifying glass in Windows 11, change the “Magnifier” option to “On.

You may find it easy to open the magnifier via a key combination. By pressing the key combination Windows key + “Plus” [+], you can do this.

Then to determine the zoom level, you can change the option to 100%, 200%, et cetera. There is also a handy key combination available for this. You can do this by pressing the key combination Windows key + “Plus” [+] to zoom in and the key combination Windows key + “minus” [-] to zoom out.

If necessary, you can determine the zoom increment by changing them. This defaults to 100% each time, but you can adjust it to smaller or larger zoom levels.

how to enable magnifier in Windows 11

Should you always want to use the magnifier, I recommend clicking on the down arrow next to “on” and enabling the option “start magnifier before sign-in” or “start magnifier after sign-in”. This way, the magnifier will always be started at the PC’s startup.

Start magnifier during sign-in

When you start the magnifier, you will see an app that allows you to control the magnifier. This control panel contains an option to zoom in, zoom out and control media.

If needed, you can also use the narrator when you are visually impaired.

Magnifier in Windows 11

I hope to have helped you with this. Thank you for reading!

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