How to install Bing wallpapers in Windows 11 or Windows 10

If you love the Bing backgrounds that change daily, you can bring that same experience to your desktop in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

With the Bing background app, you can explore the world one by one with a new background every day. In addition, it helps you breathe new life into your background in Windows 11.

Bing Wallpaper contains a collection of beautiful images from around the world featured on Bing’s home page. You will see a new image on your desktop every day and can also browse through the images and learn where they came from.

Bing background for Windows 11 or Windows 10

Open the Microsoft Edge browser to download the Bing background app to get started. Then, go to the following page:

and click the Install Now button.

Install Bing wallpaper app

The installation of the wallpaper app for Bing backgrounds will start. If you don’t want Bing to be set as a start page and search engine, uncheck the “Set Microsoft bing as my homepage” option. Make your choice and click the Install Now button.

Bing wallpaper app

After installation, exit by clicking the finish button, the wallpapers are now successfully installed.

After installation, you will get a notification that the Bing wallpaper app is available in the Windows system tray. The current wallpaper will also be instantly changed to a Microsoft Bing wallpaper.

Bing wallpaper app in systemtray notification

To access the settings, click on the arrow in the system tray. Then right-click on the Bing icon. You will then see several settings to choose from.

You will see information about the current background. You can change the background by clicking the left or right arrows or choosing to receive new backgrounds daily.

Bing wallpaper app settings

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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