Microsoft Store is not working in Windows 11? Try this!

Microsoft has revamped the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. It has also fixed problems and updates the Microsoft Store regularly. If you are still experiencing problems with the Microsoft Store. For example, if the Microsoft Store does not open or keeps crashing, the tips in this article may help you solve the problem.

These are the most common Microsoft Store issues in Windows 11.

  • The Microsoft Store does not open.
  • Microsoft Store is crashing.
  • Cannot download from the Microsoft Store.
  • Signing in to the Microsoft Store doesn’t work.

To solve these problems, I have put together a guide that can solve the problems with the Microsoft Store on a Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Store is not working

Microsoft Store is not working in Windows 11

Before implementing the solutions in this article, you should perform some checks. First, check that you have an active Internet connection on the PC where the Microsoft Store is not working. Then check that you are not connected to a VPN or proxy server that restricts the Internet connection. Finally, if you are using security software, for example, a firewall or antivirus software, disable it temporarily.

Check the time and date settings

The time and date must be correct. If the date or time is not set correctly, then a secure connection cannot be made to the Microsoft Store servers. Unfortunately, this means that the Microsoft Store cannot log on.

If the time or date is not set correctly, right-click on the time and date. Then, click on “Adjust date and time” in the menu.

Adjust date and time

Ensure the time is set automatically by enabling the “Set time automatically” option.

At the bottom, also click on “Sync now”. Now check the time and date. If it is displayed correctly, open the Microsoft Store again.

Set time automatically in Windows 11

Microsoft Store Troubleshooter

In Windows 11, there are troubleshooters available that perform checks on apps and can perform recovery actions if problems are detected. For example, there is also a troubleshooter for the Microsoft Store.

This Microsoft Store troubleshooter will first run several checks. These are checks at the file services and app level. In addition, Microsoft Store permissions are also checked. If any problems with the Microsoft Store are detected, then the troubleshooter will first solve these problems on its own. If additional user actions are required, you will see what you need to perform to resolve the issue.

To start the Microsoft Store troubleshooter, right-click on the Start button. Then, in the menu, click on Settings. Then, on the left side, click on System and then click on Troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting in Windows 11

Click on “Other troubleshooters”, find “Windows Store apps” and click on the “Run” button to start the troubleshooter.

Windows Store troubleshooter

Problems will be identified. If problems are found, the troubleshooter will initially fix the problem itself. If this fails, you will be given information on how to solve the problem.

Detecting problems with Microsoft Store using troubleshooter

Reset the Microsoft Store

If you continue to experience problems with the Microsoft Store, you can reset the app. This is also called “Microsoft Store reset”. All data will be deleted and reset. You will need to sign in again afterward.

To reset the Microsoft Store, right-click on the Start button. Then, click on Apps and Features at the top of the menu.

In the list of apps, search for Microsoft Store. Then on the right side, click on the three horizontal dots and click on Advanced Options.

Microsoft Store advanced options

At the bottom, you will see two options. First, you can repair and reset the Microsoft Store. If you click on repair, Windows 11 will try to repair the Microsoft Store app. No data will be deleted or modified.

If you want to reset the Microsoft Store, then click this button. The Microsoft Store will also be repaired, but unlike repair, the app’s data will also be deleted.

Reset the Microsoft Store app

I hope this has resolved issues with the Microsoft Store on a Windows 11 PC. Thank you for reading!

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