How to move Downloads folder to another location in Windows 11

Windows creates several folders that point to standard locations on your hard drive by default. An example of these folders is the Downloads folder and the Documents folder. The default location for the Downloads folder is C:\Users\Username\Downloads.

However, the C drive is the drive location where the operating system is installed for most computer users. If the C root drive becomes full then the operating system may not be able to install Windows Updates or constantly get a message that the C drive is full.

So it is desirable to move the Downloads folder and thus its contents to another disk partition or an external hard drive to save space.

How to Change the Downloads folder to another location in Windows

Open the File Explorer.

Open File Explorer in Windows 11

In the File Explorer, click on This PC. Then, in “folders” right-click on the Downloads folder, then in the menu, click on Properties.

Open properties of the Downloads folder in Windows 11

In the properties of the Downloads folder, click on the Location tab. Then, click the Move button to move the folder’s location to another drive or location within Windows or the network.

Move Downloads folder location in Windows 11

Choose a new location for the files in the folder. Once you have changed the location, click the Select Folder button.

Hint: If you ever want to move the folder back to its original location, click the Restore Default button.

You can repeat this action for other folders such as the Pictures folder, Music folder, Documents folder, and Videos folder.

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I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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