Prevent Google Chrome from automatically discarding tabs

If you have multiple tabs open in Google Chrome, then this can make the Google Chrome browser slower. To avoid this problem, Google has added a “discards” feature in the browser.

Discards in Google Chrome is a feature that prevents the browser from slowing down the Chrome browser with too many open tabs. The Chrome browser does this automatically by disabling active tabs in the background if you don’t use them for a while.

The problem is that some websites depend on an active tab. Reloading the tab in the background allows a website to update information. To avoid this problem, you can set in Google Chrome that a tab should not be disabled. Here’s how it works.

Prevent Google Chrome from automatically discarding tabs

Open the Google Chrome browser. In the address bar, type: chrome://discards/

Chrome discards

You are now in the “Discards” settings of Google Chrome. Here you will see the active tabs you have open in Google Chrome in an overview.

To prevent a tab from automatically being disabled by Google Chrome to limit system processes, click “Toggle” in the “Auto discardable” table.

This changes the setting from a checkmark to a cross. A cross, in this case, means that the tab remains active in the background. A check mark means that the tab can be disabled in the background.

Auto discardable

It is essential to know that changing a tab to remain active will only work as long as you do not close the browser or the tab. If you close the tab in question or restart the Google Chrome browser, you will need to make this change again.

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