How to Run “File Explorer” as administrator in Windows 11/10

Windows explorer, also known as File Explorer, is a file and folder tool available in every version of Windows, including Windows 11. File Explorer is used to browsing internal and external hard drives, folders, and all types of files on your PC.

By default, File Explorer opens in Windows with medium or default privileges. However, if you log in to Windows as an administrator, File explorer opens with full privileges. But most of the time, Windows users do not log on to their PC with an administrator account.

So, if you are not logged in as an administrator but for some reason want to open File Explorer with administrator rights, this article will explain how.

How to Run File Explorer as Administrator

Open the File Explorer and go to the c:\Windows\ folder. Search for explorer.exe and right-click on explorer.exe. In the menu, click on “Run as Administrator”.

Run File explorer as administrator

The second way to open File Explorer with admin rights is to open Task Manager. Right-click on the Start button, click on Task Manager in the menu.

In Task Manager, click on File and then on Run new task. In the Run window type: explorer.exe and check “Create this task with administrative privileges.”

Run File explorer as administrator

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I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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