Setup, change, and remove Kiosk mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 offers users a “Kiosk” mode. The kiosk mode turns Windows 11 into a digital sign, an interactive screen, or something else.

When a kiosk account is created, Windows 11 starts up, and immediately after it starts up, an app is launched. The kiosk account cannot display anything other than a message or a website. This depends on the type of app you select for the Kiosk account.

The kiosk account is a local account without administrator rights. User account control or UAC must be enabled to use a kiosk account. Also, remote administration is not possible.

This article learns you how to create, modify and delete a kiosk account in Windows 11.

Setting up, modifying, and deleting kiosk mode in Windows 11

Create a kiosk account in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. Click Settings on the menu. Then click Accounts on the left and then Family and other users.

Then click the “Get Started” button in the Kiosk Setup options.

Set up kiosk account in Windows 11

Enter a distinct name for the Kiosk account. Later, you will use this username to log the kiosk account into your computer.

Click next to continue.

Create kiosk account name

Select the app you want to use to display in the Kiosk. This is the only app you can use in kiosk mode.

For example, if you want to set up a kiosk, use only the web browser. Then select the browser app from the list. If you only want to display an image, select the app to open the image. No idea which app? Then click on the Help me choose the right app link.

In this example, I will select Microsoft Edge.

Choose a kiosk app

Next, select how you want to use the Kiosk. For example, you can choose from “As a digital sign or interactive display” or “As a public browser”.

How will this kiosk be used

Since I selected Microsoft Edge as the only app to use in the Kiosk, I need to complete the options for this app in the Kiosk. These options may differ if you have selected a different app or option.

Setup kiosk app configurations

You have finished setting up the kiosk mode.

Finished setting up the kiosk app in windows 11

Now sign out with your user account and sign in with the kiosk account you just created.

If you are in kiosk mode, you can log out of this kiosk account by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard and clicking Logout from the menu.

Edit the Kiosk in Windows 11

To edit the Kiosk, you must be logged in with an administrator account and not with the kiosk account.

Right-click on the Start button. Click Settings from the menu. On the left, click Accounts and then Family and other users.

Then click on the active Kiosk to edit the options. For example, you can change the Kiosk type, such as a digital sign or interactive display. Depending on the type of Kiosk, you can then change the different options for this app/kiosk.

Edit kiosk app settings in windows 11

Remove the Kiosk account in Windows 11

To delete the kiosk account, click on the “Delete Kiosk” button in the kiosk info. The kiosk account will then be removed from the computer.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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