How to setup image(s) as screen saver in Windows 11

If your computer is idle, the screen saver (“screensaver”) becomes active after a while. However, in Windows 11, things work a little differently.

In Windows 11, by default, an image becomes active when you are not using the computer for a while, namely through the lock screen. In older versions of Windows, the screensaver became active. However, the screensaver has not disappeared in Windows 11. You just need to know where to find it.

If you know where to find the screensaver settings in Windows 11, you can customize the screensaver to your liking. For example, you can set different texts, bubbles, ribbons as screensavers.

To personalize the screensaver, you can also set a slideshow of pictures. You can display these images in random order if you want. Here’s how it works.

Setting images as screen saver in Windows 11

I recommend that before you go ahead to set up all the images, you want as screen savers to put them together in a folder. You need to select a folder of images through the settings. This way, it is easier to set up several images.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. Then, on the left, click on Personalisation. Then on the right side, click Lock Screen and then Screen Saver in the related settings.

Open screen saver settings in Windows 11

Change the screen saver from (none) to Photos and click the Settings button to change the screen saver settings.

Screen Saver photos settings in Windows 11

Click the Browse button to modify a folder containing the images displayed as screen savers. Click OK to confirm.

Optionally, you can still adjust the speed of the slideshows and display the images in random order – shuffle.

Browse photos for slideshow screen saver in Windows 11

Click the preview button in the screensaver settings to display a photo preview of the screensaver.

Change the “Wait” option to the number of minutes your computer should be idle before the screensaver should turn on.

Preview images as screen saver in Windows 11

I hope this has succeeded in setting up photos or image(s) as a slideshow via screensaver in Windows 11. Thank you for reading!

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