These are 4 ways to Pin Every app to the taskbar in Windows 11

If you use a particular app (“program”) a lot, the quickest way to launch this app is through the taskbar. Attaching the app to the taskbar thus helps to work more efficiently.

The standard ways of starting an app are through the Start menu. Through a shortcut on the desktop or the executable file of the particular app.

In this article, you will read about 4 different ways to pin an app to the taskbar. You then create a shortcut in the taskbar with an icon. The app opens immediately when you click on this shortcut in the taskbar.

Example: Google Chrome app pinned to taskbar

4 ways to pin a program to the taskbar

Pin app to the taskbar by Start menu

The Start menu provides access to most apps installed in Windows 11. In addition, you can “pin” an app to the taskbar from the Start menu.

Click on the Start button. Now right-click on the tile of the app you want to pin to the taskbar. In the menu, click on “pin to taskbar”.

Attaching an App to the Taskbar via Search

In the taskbar, there is a search button. This button is identified by the magnifying glass icon. So if you want to pin an app to the taskbar, you can search for it, and from within search, pin the app to the taskbar.

Click Search on the taskbar. Next, search for the app you want to pin to the taskbar and right-click on it. Then in the menu, click on “pin to taskbar”.

Pinning an app to the taskbar using All Apps

When you open the Start menu, you will see the “recommended” app. These are apps that you use often or are recommended by Windows. In the recommended section, you will not see all the apps.

First, click on “All apps” to see all the apps. Then find the app you want to pin to the taskbar. Next, right-click on it, click “more” and then “pin to taskbar”.

Pinning an app to the taskbar using File Explorer

Suppose you want to pin a particular app to the taskbar and can’t do it from the Start menu or search. In that case, you can pin the executable file (“.exe”) or (“application”) to the Windows 11 taskbar.

Open the File Explorer. Go to the location where the application is located. Most applications can be found in the “Program files” folder. When you have found the executable file, right-click on it. In the menu, click “Show more options” and then “Add to taskbar”.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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