This are the best remote desktop apps for Windows 11 in 2022

As we all start to work from home more often, the use of remote desktops has increased dramatically. This is, of course, related to the fact that we still want access to remote computers, for example, at home or work.

I have listed the 5 best free remote desktop software in this article. If you want to start using a remote desktop, I recommend you try the software below.

When choosing the most suitable remote desktop software, keep in mind ease of use, security, and the features you need. Also, consider the operating system or device you want to connect to.

The 5 best remote desktop software for Windows 11 in 2022


Teamviewer has been one of the most popular remote desktop software you can use for years. Its advantage is that it supports multiple operating systems. So you can use Teamviewer to connect to Windows, Mac, Linux, and different mobile devices in multiple languages.


Teamviewer offers many features. Besides connecting to a remote desktop, it also supports functions to update the computer with new software versions, and you can collect data about the PC connected to it in various ways.

Another great advantage is the minimal impact on system processes. Teamviewer is the fastest remote desktop software currently available. However, the speed does not limit the security. Teamviewer uses AES 256-bit encryption between two connections.

Learn more about Teamviewer.


AnyDesk is another popular remote desktop app. AnyDesk also works with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. It is also minimal. The total installation file is 3MB.

You can use AnyDesk to work together on the same document. You can also share a screen with 60 FPS screen acceleration thanks to a specific RTDesk codec.

Anydesk remote desktop software

TLS 1.2 security protects your PC from unauthorized access. In addition, the connection itself is protected from attack with RSA 2048-bit.

AnyDesk is also one of the easiest to use for remote desktops. However, it offers fewer features than Teamviewer. It, therefore, may be better suited for users who only want to use a remote desktop.

Learn more about AnyDesk.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop clients allow you to use and control a PC remotely. With a Remote Desktop client, you can use a remote PC to do all the same things you can do with a physical PC, such as:

  • Using apps installed on the remote PC.
  • Access files and network resources on the remote PC.
  • Leaving the apps open when you turn off the client.

You can also use a Remote Desktop client to access your remote PC from almost any device, Mac except. There are even clients for mobile smartphones.

Microsoft Remote desktop software

There are several other drawbacks to using Microsoft Remote Desktop. As mentioned earlier, there is no remote desktop for Mac computers. Also, there is no support for file transfer, which is a significant disadvantage for system administrators.

The advantage, on the other hand, is the accessible overview. For example, the app shows an example of all connected PCs. Moreover, you can directly take over the screen and work on the PC via remote desktop by clicking on it. In addition, it is also free to use.

Learn more about Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Google Chrome remote desktop

Use the Google Chrome browser combined with other Google products, and you have a Google account. You can use Google Chrome remote desktop.

Chrome remote desktop is an app for the Google Chrome browser. You can use it to connect to another computer in a simple way. It is a remote desktop app with basic features.

Google Chrome remote desktop

All you need to do is install the extension in the Chrome browser or Chromebook. Then create a PIN and share it with users who are allowed to connect to the PC. These users can then make a remote desktop connection to the PC.

Learn more about Google Chrome remote desktop.

Getscreen is a remote desktop tool if you want to provide quick access to your PC. All the other user needs is a browser and the link you shared with them.

Getscreen remote desktop app

No installation is required for the person who will connect to your PC. It is a handy tool to quickly set up a remote connection via a remote desktop. The free features include file transfer, chat, and clipboard sharing.

Learn more about

These were the 5 best and most free remote desktop apps you can use on multiple platforms. Some apps offer additional features that you can use for a fee. However, no payment is required for essential features like remote desktop, collaborating on a document, or file transfer.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

What is the best remote desktop app?

The best remote desktop app at this moment is Teamviewer, it has the freest functions and it is very easy to use. However, if you rather have an easy-to-use remote desktop tool without software installation, I recommend Getscreen. Using getscreen you only have to share a link with someone to get a remote desktop session.

What free functions do these remote desktop apps have?

All remote desktop apps listed in this article have free functionality such as remote desktop sessions, file transfer, chat, and collaborating on a document. Learn more about each app’s free functions in this article.

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  1. Getscreen is a really cool tool, using it for a few months and everything is ok. It is especially convenient to connect remotely to computers directly from the browser.

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