How to Turn off “Sync provider notifications” in Windows 11 File Explorer

Microsoft has begun rolling out “sync provider notifications” in their developer releases of Windows 11, later this feature might make its way to official/stable Windows 11 releases.

Sync provider notifications display notifications in Windows 11 File Explorer to promote Windows 11 and other Microsoft services to give users a better experience in Windows 11.

However, the new Sync provider notifications cannot count on much respect from users. More and more users are complaining about this form of advertising in Windows 11. They, therefore, want to disable the Sync provider notifications.

This article learns you how to disable or enable Sync provider notifications in File Explorer or using the Windows Registry.

How to Turn off “Sync provider notifications” in Windows 11 File Explorer

Turn off “Sync provider notifications” using File Explorer

Open File Explorer. Click on the ellipse (3 dots) in the menu, then click on Options in the menu.

File Explorer menu options

In the Folder options, click on the View tab, and uncheck “Show sync provider notifications” in the “advanced settings” to disable “Show sync provider notifications” or check the “Show sync provider notifications” option to enable “Show sync provider notifications”.

Next, click OK to confirm.

Disable show sync provider notifications in Windows 11 file explorer

Turn off “Sync provider notifications” using Windows registry

In the Windows registry, you can change many advanced settings, all settings you modify using File Explorer are also saved in the Windows registry. By editing the Windows registry you can block “Sync provider notifications”, you can also implement it in scripts to use as policy. Here is how it works.

Right-click the Start button, then click on Run. In the Run box type: regedit.exe. Click OK to open the Windows registry.

Open regedit

On the left side navigate to the following key:


Explorer advanced settings in Windows registry

Right-click on free space on the right side and click on New and then DWORD (32-bit) value. Name this new value “ShowSyncProviderNotifications“.


Double click on “ShowSyncProviderNotifications” and change its value to either “1” to enable the Sync provider notifications or “0” to disable Sync provider notifications in File Explorer.

Disable ShowSyncProviderNotifications

Next, restart your computer. The Sync provider notifications are now disabled or enabled as you configured the settings.

I hope to have helped you using this information. Thank you for reading!

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