Turn on Remote desktop on a Windows 11 PC easily

Remote Desktop in Windows 11 allows users with a Windows 11 Pro (professional) license to connect to the PC from another location.

The remote desktop feature in Windows 11 is disabled by default. However, you can enable it through the settings of Windows 11.

What else you need to connect via remote desktop to a PC is a user account, the IP address, or the name of the Windows 11 PC you want to connect to.

How to Turn on Remote desktop on a Windows 11 PC easily

To enable remote desktop, right-click the Start button. Then, in the menu, click Settings.

Open Settings in Windows 11

On the left side of the menu, click “System” and then “Remote Desktop”. You will find this feature at the bottom of the system settings.

Remote desktop settings in Windows 11

Enable remote desktop by clicking the on/off switch. You should then confirm the message “You and users selected under User accounts will be able to connect to this PC remotely”.

Enable remote desktop in Windows 11

By default, the remote desktop uses port 3389 for incoming connections.

You will see the PC’s name if you have enabled remote desktop. This is because this is the name another device should connect to in the network where the PC is located. However, you can also use the IP address of the PC.

Remote desktop configuration in Windows 11

There is one more option we need to turn on to enable remote desktop on this PC. Go back to settings and click on System on the left. Navigate to the bottom until you get to “About” and click on it.

Open the device specifications and click the “Advanced System Settings” link.

Open advanced system settings in Windows 11

Click on “Remote” tab and make sure the following two options are enabled.

– Allow remote connections to this computer.
– Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with network-level authentication (recommended).

Allow remote connections to this computer

By clicking the “Select Users” button, you can manage users who can access this PC via remote desktop.

By default, any user account member of the “administrators” group will have access to this PC via remote desktop. However, if you have some default users and want to give them access via the remote desktop, you can add or remove them.

add or remove users for remote desktop connection in windows 11

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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