How to Turn on “Search highlights” in Windows 11 or Windows 10

In windows 11 and in Windows 10, Microsoft started rolling out “Search highlights.” It is a feature in the Start menu that updates the Search menu with recent events such as birthdays, vacations, and other memorable moments in your environment.

Additionally, “Search highlights” will show content such as the word of the day and the best and funniest moments. Not only that but trending searches, MSN news and Microsoft rewards will be shown.

Of course, it is still possible to search for files, apps, settings, and answers on the web via the revamped Search menu.

The image below shows how it will look:

Search Highlights in Windows 11 or Windows 10

The new Start menu with “Search highlights” is being rolled out more and more to Windows 11 and Windows 10 users. More and more information will also become available.


You can turn on “Search Highlights” via the Windows Registry if you can’t wait.

How to Turn on “Search highlights” in Windows 11 or Windows 10

As Search highlights become available for Windows 10, you can turn it on or off by right-clicking the taskbar, then Search and turn it on or off.

You could also turn it on or off using the Windows registry in Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Right-click the Start button, click on Run, in the Run box type: regedit.exe

Navigate to:


Right-click on “Windows” folder and click on New > Key. Name the new key “Windows Search”. Then, right-click on “Windows search” and click on New > DWORD value 32-bit. Give this DWORD 32-bit value the name “EnableDynamicContentInWSB“.
Double click the “EnableDynamicContentInWSB” value and enter “1” to enable Search highlights, or “0” to disable Search highlights.


I hope this has helped you to turn on “search highlights” in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

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