What is Microsoft Defender Application Guard in Windows 11?

Microsoft Defender Application Guard is a tool that helps prevent untrusted files or users from accessing personal resources, networks, and business-critical applications. But what exactly is Defender Application Guard? What are the benefits of the Defender Application Guard? And how do you install Defender Application Guard?

What is Microsoft Defender Application Guard?

Defender Application Guard is primarily designed to prevent attacks with malicious software. The tool uses a technology known as hardware isolation. How does this work? Application Guard causes Microsoft Edge to open suspicious, untrustworthy, or malicious websites in a virtual environment.

Using advanced virtualization technologies, the security tool creates an environment isolated from the operating system for your browsing session. Defender Application Guard removes files automatically downloaded by a website when closing the virtual browser environment (a Hyper-V container). This way, potential malware has no chance to settle on your computer and leave a trail of destruction.

An administrator within an organization can decide and set in Application Guard which websites, cloud resources, and internal networks he considers reliable. All applications outside this are considered suspicious and opened in a different virtual environment. Application Guard houses three core functions: isolated browsing, Internet browsing protection, and malware removal.

Microsoft Defender Application Guard is present in Microsoft Edge Chromium by default but is also available as an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. However, in the latter case, you must also install Edge Chromium. Do Firefox and Chrome detect suspicious or harmful websites? Then it will be opened in an isolated and secure Edge container. Application Guard is available in Windows 10, Windows 11 Pro, and Enterprise, but not in the Home version. Application Guard can be used on an organization’s laptops and desktops, and employees’ personal devices.

What are the benefits of Defender Application Guard?

Using Microsoft Defender Application Guard has several benefits.

Because you open suspicious or malicious sites in a different environment, the device is always protected, and hackers or cybercriminals can never access your data.
It overcomes many of the dangers of connecting employees’ personal devices to a corporate network.

Application Guard is customizable and configurable. For example, you can specify whether data storage is allowed. By default, this is disabled, as is the use of the webcam and microphone.

Microsoft Defender Application Guard is perfectly compatible with other devices configured to use Microsoft products.

How to enable Microsoft Defender Application Guard?

In order to turn on Microsoft Defender Application Guard you need to access the optional settings. Right-click the Start button. In the menu click on Settings.

On the left, click on Apps, then click on Optional features and click on More Windows features at the bottom.

More windows features

Check the Windows feature: Microsoft Defender Application Guard to enable it. Next, click OK to confirm. The optional feature is now installed.

How to enable Microsoft Defender Application Guard

Now to start Edge in application guard mode. Open the Edge browser. In the menu click on New Application Guard window. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A.

I hope this has helped you to know more and enable Microsoft Defender Application Guard in Windows 11. Thank you for reading!

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