How to resolve Windows 11 won’t update? Try these tips!

Windows update is essential to keep Windows 11 secure and install new features.

Windows 11 known problems are fixed with the latest version of updates. And for that, update problems should be solved as a priority when you have problems getting or installing updates.

There can be many reasons for problems with Windows updates. However, there are also some things you can check beforehand.

  • Check that your internet connection is working correctly.
  • Check your antivirus package. Temporarily disable protection where necessary.
  • Check the set date and time on your computer.
  • Check that you are not connected via a VPN connection.
  • Check available disk space on your primary drive, usually the C drive. You should have at least 10GB of available disk space for the Windows 11 update, then you are good to go. This disk space is needed to download and install major updates.

Follow the tips below if you have done the above checks and there are still problems with Windows update in Windows 11.

How to resolve Windows 11 won’t update

The first thing you can perform is a troubleshooter. There are several troubleshooters available in Windows 11. These troubleshooters can identify a problem and automatically fix it where necessary. There is also a problem solver for Windows updates.

Windows update troubleshooter

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. Then click System on the left and then “Troubleshooting”.

Open troubleshoot settings in Windows 11

Then click on “Other trouble-shooters” at the bottom.

Other trouble-shooters in Windows 11

Click the “Run” button to the right of “Windows update” to launch the Windows update troubleshooter.

Run Windows update troubleshooter in Windows 11

The Windows update troubleshooter will now automatically start diagnosing Windows update problems.

Diagnose Windows 11 update errors

If the troubleshooting is complete, changes for Windows update have been made to your system. In addition, you can now view more information about the update problem by clicking on the “View Detailed Information” link.

If you want to continue, click Close or click Yes or No when asked, “Is your problem solved?”. Now check for Windows updates again.

Windows update troubleshooter completed

If the update problem in Windows 11 is still not solved, continue to the next fix.

Perform SFC scan

Something often goes wrong in Windows update because protected system files are corrupted. System files are needed to download and install updates and are part of Windows 11.

If these files do not work properly because they have been replaced by another process or damaged by an app, for example, then you need to restore them.

Restoring files can be done with SFC. SFC means System File Checker and will scan all protected system files and replace damaged files with a copy in the cache located in a compressed dllcache folder.

Running SFC often solves the Windows 11 update problem, is my experience.

Click the Start button. In the search window type: command prompt. Right-click on Command Prompt and click on “Run as administrator”.

In the Command Prompt window type:

SFC /scannow

To start the SFC check and repair damaged files where necessary. This process may take a while.

Run SFC scan to resolve update errors in Windows 11

Once the scan process is complete, check again for new Windows updates.

If the update problem has not yet been fixed and Windows 11 is still unable to download or install updates. Then proceed to the next tip.

Manually remove the Windows update files

Windows update downloads files to your computer. These update files are installed later, and sometimes things go wrong here. These temporary files can become damaged. Removing the temporary update files can then help. Windows update will then download the update files again and install them again.

Open the File Explorer. In the address bar, copy and paste the path below:


Open SoftwareDistribution folder in Windows 11

Next, select all folders and files in the “SoftwareDistribution” folder and right-click on them. Click on the trash icon and delete the entire content.

Delete all files in Softwaredistribution folder to fix Windows update errors in Windows 11

Close the File Explorer and restart your computer. After that, check for Windows updates again.

I hope these tips managed to solve update problems in Windows 11. Thanks for reading!

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