Microsoft introduces Windows AutoPatch for automatic updates

In July, Microsoft is launching a new free solution called Windows Autopatch to help businesses keep their systems up-to-date. Windows Autopatch is designed for enterprises running Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise E3 and will install updates for both Windows and Office automatically. In addition, large organizations will test updates before rolling them out to their users in many cases, I suspect.

Windows Autopatch automates this process for Office and Windows updates. The system will first roll out updates to a small number of computers and see the effect. Then, if there are no problems, the update is distributed to many computers until all machines are up-to-date. This concerns quality and feature updates, as well as drivers and firmware updates that are offered via Windows Update.

When there are problems with an update, users can pause Autopatch, but the service can also do it. Then, the update in question can be reverted depending on the situation. “When there are problems with an Autopatch update, the fix is processed and applied within future installations,” said Microsoft’s Lior Bela. “As Autopatch installs more updates, it only gets better.”

The “Autopatch message center” provides information on schedules, update status, and other details from the Autopatch team. In addition, the data includes information on update compliance and the state of managed systems. Windows Autopatch is offered free of charge.

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